Cutting Your Prep and Clean Up Time in Half

TidyBoard keeps you organized and your kitchen clean. Never worry about where to put scraps or discarded produce — keep your space clean and orderly with TidyBoard's collapsible containers.




What Our Customers Are Saying

The board system is fantastic but what's even better is their customer service! They respond quickly and are super helpful. I highly recommend this company and product.

-Sarah H.

Don’t know what I did before the TidyBoard! The containers cut my prep time in half!

-Amy K.

We love it. Especially the collapsible silicone containers. Very clever. Also your customer service is second to none!

-Michael P.

Engineered To Stay Balanced

The TidyBoard was mindfully influenced by math and physics. Our board is engineered as a lever to stay steady even with a heavy load in the containers.

Perfect For Small Spaces

The hanging design and collapsible containers maximize countertop space and make food prep fast and fun! By hanging off the edge of the countertop or over the sink, TidyBoard utilizes previously unused space.

With Tidy Board VS Without

We've all experienced the cluttered counter and prepped foods mixed with food waste. See the difference TidyBoard makes. Say goodbye to chaotic cooking and welcome spick and span prep.

Eco-Friendly, High Quality Materials

The lightweight 4 lbs of the bamboo wood wont dull knives, harbor bacteria, or absorb unwanted flavors and odors. The containers are constructed out of BPA-free Food Grade Silicone and are microwave friendly, convenient for storage and organization.

Perfect For Everything.