Our Mission

TidyBoard cares about healthy eating, and we want to encourage everyone to cook fresh ingredients! We see TidyBoard making it easier to cook at home and helping prepare meals to-go, saving money and eating better when away from home.

We want to help connect people to their food and Mother Earth! Buying food locally at Farmers Market’s helps reduce the carbon emissions during long transportation journeys as well as the added packaging materials you typically see at markets.

With TidyBoard, cooking and eating locally grown foods can be easier and faster. Plus, the catch makes it super easy to compost all your food waste. Cut it, clean it, store it, compost it, and make our world more sustainable!

Our Team

The TidyBoard Team are friends from college who lived together in a small apartment with a small kitchen counter to work on. It was constantly a mess with ingredients and no space, so we came up with TidyBoard! Next came testing different prototypes and many hours of us doing 3-D drawings on Auto-CAD and patent research. We bought a 3-D printer and started testing. We then met our main man Eddie, a master of manufacturing. He helped us turn our original solid plastic design into a collapsible silicone design and here we are now!

Over 65,000 Sold!

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