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TidyBoard Is The Easiest Way To Quickly Prep A Healthy Meal

TidyBoard allows you to easily chop veggies without mixing scraps, strain hands-free and effortlessly clean up with a swipe of your hand. It’s hanging design, and collapsible containers maximize countertop space and make food prep fast, easy and stress-free.

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1/2 Your Food Prep & Clean Up Time

  • Cutting Board

    TidyBoard streamlines your food prep flow allowing you to easily whip up a quick meal and get going. Its catch and containers hang over your sink or countertop holding up to 9 lbs of food, keeping your prepped food and trash separate and work area clean.

  • Strainer

    The strainer catch and containers allow you to clean your veggies or strain boiled pasta hands-free directly into the sink or into the catch.

  • Containers with Lids

    The food safe silicone containers are collapsible, have volumetric measuring marks and the lids are a perfect for storage and steaming.

TidyBoard Keeps Your Kitchen Clean And Organized

TidyBoard keeps you organized and your kitchen clean so you can avoid a cluttered counter, mixing prepped foods with the trash and the messy dash to the trash can.

  • Before

  • After

Save Kitchen Space

By hanging off the edge of the countertop over the sink, TidyBoard utilizes previously unused space, and its collapsible containers save over 50% of drawer and cabinet space.

High-Quality Materials

Tidyboard’s lightweight 4 lbs bamboo wood won’t dull knives, harbor bacteria, or absorb unwanted flavors and odors. The containers are BPA-free and are microwave friendly.

Fall In Love With Cooking Again

Whether you’re a mom, a busy professional or just someone who doesn’t want to slave over preparing meals — TidyBoard will bring your love for cooking back into your home!

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